Friday, May 31, 2013

Open Heart [book review]

Open HeartOpen Heart
by Elie Wiesel
translated from the French by Marion Wiesel
(Knopf; 79 pages; $20)

What would be of our humanity without those who are gifted with the ability to translate the contingencies of our lives into insight and wisdom? Crises, challenges, pain, together with joy, freedom and resolutions are happening all around us all the time. But rarely we have the sensitivity and the wisdom to look beyond the ordinary and see the miracle of it all.

In Open Heart,Nobel Peace Prize winner and author of the best-seller book NightElie Wiesel, once again gives us the opportunity to enter into his private world and taste a place we all know exists but we rarely dare to notice. Life is full of challenges and surprises. It is up to each one of us to choose what we want to do them.

With a candid account of his own health struggles, he gently shares with us his unique ability to transform what many would take as a desperate situation into an opportunity to savor even further the magic of this life. In the process he raises questions on mortality, God, life purpose and family. The result: a short gem, a snapshot of inspiration and hope, a call to awareness, to simplicity and to the beauty of our lives.

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